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From: "David Kirby" 
Subject: (urth) A living torturer
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 18:43:27 -0400


There's an interesting article on a real-life torturer in the
gossip column of today's WASHINGTON POST:


(I didn't bother to track down the original article, though a
thorough look through OpinionJournal.com should let you do so.)

As I read the article, I of course couldn't help but think of
Severian -- maybe the Severian of Earth-12, who lets his family
"help me clean my sword."

A telling comment from today's Severian: "[T]here are many people
who faint when they witness an execution. I don't know why they come
and watch if they don't have the stomach for it. . . . Me? I sleep
very well."

This is worth a quick glance. For me, it put into focus some of
what Severian does, and not in the positive, sympathetic, or even
neutral way much of Wolfe's writing portrays the acts. An eye-

(If you're going to look at the article, do so quickly; the POST
removes much of its Internet content from free public view after
two weeks.)

And if you want some of the general public's reaction to today's
Severian, check out the gossip columnist's weekly Web chat at:


(This should be available for more than two weeks, for those of
you reading this message in the Urth archives.)

      -- David

"It is possible I already had some presentiment
of my future."                    == Gene Wolfe
     David B. Kirby, dbkirby@pressroom.com


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