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Subject: Re: (urth) Seven Lions' Paste
From: Josh Geller 
Date: 08 Jun 2003 23:15:55 -0700

These are his war-paint. He puts them on before he goes into battle.

Herodotos mentions this, where he is listing the different 
ethnic groups that were represented in the Great King's army.



On Sun, 2003-06-08 at 22:47, maa32 wrote:
> Here is a question from Crush about Seven Lions' Paste- perhaps you could help 
> us out - I have only the vaguest conception that it reminds me of the scene in 
> the movie Gladiator in which small household gods and religious artifacts are 
> kept by a black man in a small bag.
> Crush asks:
> >In chapter one of 'Soldier of the Mist', Latro conversing with Seven Lions:
> "I pointed to my arm and my hair and asked the black man if he had seen
> another such as I. He nodded and opened two little bags he carries; there is
> white paste in one and vermilion in the other."
> What is this paste in Seven Lion's bags?
> If you don't know, could you repost this question to the Urth list?
> >
> Perhaps some allusion to the different white and red clays that went into the 
> creation of white and black skin in different proportions mythologically?  I 
> don't know.
> Marc
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