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From: "Chris" 
Subject: Re: (urth) latro's greek and combat competence
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 02:31:09 +0000

Another: Why does the god of war need wrestling lessons from Heracles?

Latro is meant, I believe, to be a "hero" in the full greek sense. If 
anything I think it may weaken the story in a sense to consider him Ares (in 
any sense more than Hector, for example, was Ares on occasion in the Iliad).

>Crush counters:
>He's presumably never had to write Latin either. Is this the language of 
>gods? ;-)
>And why does translate place names spoken in Greek? Lakodaemonia, Sparta,
>Athens, Thebes, Corinth, Mesopotamia, etc. Surely the names would have been
>familiar to Ares. Why does he make the mistake that Sparta has something to
>do with Rope-makers or that Lakodaemonia is a Silent Country? Why does he
>feel the *need* to translate place names into Latin and not the names of
>persons. That is what one does in a foreign country (for example, like
>calling the Yangtze the "Yellow River".

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