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From: "Andrew Bollen" 
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:58:45 +1000

> IF our Latro *were* a relative of the Lucius TarquiNius (note the slight
> name difference) that "ruled for twenty-five years" [534-510 B.C] until
> founding of the Republic as Livy says at the end of Book 1, then it
> the question as to why Latro was not home fighting for Rome during its
> knock-down-drag-out war with its neighbors. It could even explain why a
> hundred Latin soldiers were with him -- the Tarquinians' closest
> would probably have been exiled as well. It explains why Latro grew up so
> close to the Greek colonies rather than Keeping To His Own in Latium.

See my earlier post - apparently Tarquitius was indeed a variation on
Tarquinius, and the whole family did go into exile for a while, ending up at
Caere (wherever that is - close to the Greek colonies?).

> Surely since Latro WRITES, he is not of mere common birth.

Very good point!


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