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From: "Andy Robertson" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Crowley, Wolfe, Bruno
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:35:32 +0100

In my opinion, Severian DOES build a "house of memory" - it is The Book Of
The New Sun.

And of course, the various actors in that House affect each other and
mutate, as they did in NeoPlatonic magic.

You might go furthur and say that the multi-time-tracked world is the
Increate's own House Of Memory.   I am sure Wolfe would

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From: "Don Palumbo" 

> Craig,
> I'm rerererereading THE BOOK OF THE NE SUN now, and there are places in
> which Severian does learn something useful he had not noticed before in
> going over his memories.  For example--because this is in the chapters
> CLAW OF THE CONCILIATOR that I read just yesterday, but not the best
> possible example--when he is searching for Terminus Est after escaping
> the antechamber in the House Absolute, he eventually thinks again about
> when and how he was captured in walking away from the place where the
> is, attributes this to the subconscious awareness that one has made a
> mistake even when the conscious mind doesn't know that, and realizes in
> reexamining his memories that the sword may well be where he finds it,
> behind the broken door to the mirror-image storeroom on the other side of
> the stairs from the storeroom he had first searched.


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