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Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 00:01:10 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) horn, blue, hierax, etc.

Thanks for the encouraging words, Mooncalf.  Yes, I believe at one point I 
posted that the huh-huh-huh sounds were Horn trying to say his own name to his 
son, who didn't recognize him.  Also, I think that the quest to find Silk is 
finished by helping Pig get his eyes back: Silk has erased himself from his 
normal body at the death of Hyacinth, and the divine part of Silk is trapped 
in Pig when Pig loses his eyes.  In order to get Silk's mind or soul back into 
his body, which is being kept alive by Horn's spirit, Pig must be able to get 
Silk out of himself through an eye, and the extracted Silk can be downloaded 
into Silk's body, at which point the rest of the quest is to get rid of Horn, 
which I believe happens underneath that tree at the end of OBW, and then 
eliminating the residual spirit of Horn left behind and getting through the 
guilt of erasing Horn before Silk can admit that he is indeed Silk.

The Scylla questions are very interesting to me as well - because I think that 
tomb on Urth is very important, especially if it is  the same one that 
Severian plays in as a child, where he is himself buried (or someone who he is 
a copy of).

That Aavangen question is a huge one.  Should we think she is an inhuma? No.  
A neighbor? no.  Why should we feel sorry for Beroep?  Doesn't she speak in 
the proper word order to be a true citizen of that town?  Is she a spy of the 
Mother?  (Or, as I like to think of her, one of the daughters of Scylla the 

Do you like my idea that Chenille has returned to Blue in a lander from green 
with the same ring that Horn used to wear?  When Jahlee feeds on the "drunk" 
woman in the tavern in Return to the Whorl, Silk mistakes her for Chenille.  I 
think Chenille is in town mourning the loss of her children, so Silk just 
barely misses her after she is preyed upon by Jahlee.  Sinew repaired the 
lander and sent Chenille on it, so the lander they may find at the end was the 
one that Horn probably died in.

One more thing: I think that the blind man that Horn mistakes for Auk in the 
story that is told at the beginning of IGJ (the one that he has to kill) is in 
fact the god Hierax.  He has fled into that man, and later we learn that  
Hierax is dead.  Where did he die?  The narrator mistook that man for Auk, who 
we know is alive because he's in a basement on Green, because at one time Auk 
was possessed for a long time by that God.  (Or have I confused him with 
Tartaros?  In any case, The Blind God has hidden himself in that man, who gets 
killed trying to take out Horn on Green).

Well, thanks again for the credit, Mooncalf.  I owe much of my theories to a 
ton of people on the list who asked the right questions at the right time 
(such as James Jordan, who actually inspired me to find a "viable" explanation 
for the vanished people with his attempt to put my miscellaneous observations 
into a chronology, whether we believe any of my ideas as a group or not).  
Thanks for taking the time to read the old stuff!
Marc Aramini


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