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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 00:36:11 -0700
Subject: Re: (urth) Sev's skull and spring constellations
From: Lisa Schaffer-Doggett 

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 01:55 PM, Don Palumbo wrote:

> Of course, Wolfeis crass enough to copy, but he does it with such=20
> incredible style and intelligence, and never without giving it a twist=20=

> of his own.=A0 BNS has Joseph Campbell's monomyth coming out its =
> ears, nose, throat, and all its pores (and then just does it all over=20=

> again in URS); but BNS is likely the most compelling and clever (and=20=

> easily the most elaborate) reworking of this formula in SF, which is=20=

> saying a lot, because some of the other SF reworkings (all six=20
> ALGERNON among them) are among the best SF novels ever written.=A0 =
> is this a coincidence? I don't think so.]
> I am about to begin writing a long scholarly article on this--and=20
> probably won't be done writing it until the end of September or=20
> later.=A0 While it will be published in print, is there some way to=20
> eventually post it on this site (which I just joined recently) for=20
> anyone on this list who is interested to look at (and, hopefully, add=20=

> their 2 cents worth to)?
> --Don Palumbo
Don (I am not the first Don) replies,

All writing is copying of some sort, and crassness isn't always a=20
shortcoming.  You could submit your article to Ultan's Library.  I=20
don't have the url but you can google it.  Or maybe link it to the=20
Lupine Nuncio.  Again you must google.


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