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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 07:28:38 -0700
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Sev's Deaths

Nutria wrote:
>The thought that each time Sev dies he leaves an old body behind is a new
>one for me, but it seems to be in the text.
>         Has anyone made a list of all the deaths of Sev, and investigated
>clues for all the leftover bodies?

Yes, I covered this in "Additions, Errata, &cetera" volumes 2 and 3.

There is definitely a body for "sailor Severian" on the ship Tzadkiel, and
one for Apu-Punchau in the Age of Myth.  Apu-Punchau is clearly independent
once the "narrative Severian" has moved on.  Based on this, there might
well be an independent Conciliator who miraculously "survives" the blast at
Mount Typhon at about that point where "narrative Severian" takes to the
corridors of Time . . .  this becomes boggling because, just like the
post-narrative Apu-Punchau, it means that we do not have all of their lives
and acts as direct witness -- they both go off and do other things, which
Severian doesn't know about.  As I've called them before, they are
"slivers," or maybe "sheddings" would be better.

About the "first Severian" mentioned by Severian himself.  Maybe everybody
should look at the text itself, in chapter 38 of CITADEL.

The first Severian:
1) Did not drown.
2) Was raised by torturers.
3) Was sent to Thrax.
4) Did not have the Claw.
5) Fled Thrax.
6) Encountered the autarch.
7) Became the new autarch.
8) Sailed to Yesod.
9) Was not returned to his own time, so that ultimately he became Apu
Punchau in the Age of Myth and the annonymous armiger/exultant of the
mausoleum (some time in the early Age of the Autarch).

This means, I think, that the first Severian ("ProtoS" or "Severian the
Cruel") had no Thecla (at the very least, not an indwelling Thecla) and no

As for possible resurrections (taken from AE&2):
 1) Drowned in river
 2) Triskele
 3) Fiacre crash, Severian and Agia
 4) Dorcas
 5) Sanguinary Field
 6) Thecla within Severian
 7) Typhon
 8) Miles
 9) Severian killed on battlefield
10) Mandragora
11) Severian killed by winged thing on Ship
12) Zama
13) Severian killed as Conciliator
14) Severian drowned at deluge
15) Severian killed as Apu Punchau



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