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Subject: Re: (urth) Wolfe Walks - my rant
From: Josh Geller 
Date: 26 Jul 2003 08:28:50 -0700

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 07:38, James Wynn wrote:
> I don't have anything to workshopped right now but I would certainly pay a
> couple hundred just to hang out with Gene Wolfe and the rest of you guys.

> Unfortunately, my experience with organizing these things (not workshops but
> events and stuff) is that the cost of  just a *location* to hold an event
> like this for just a *weekend* (with food not necessarily) included could
> not be had for less than $80-$120 per person -- if you can guarantee 50 or
> more people.

I was thinking less. Like, free if possible. If we are talking ten or 
twelve people and an internet hookup I could do it in my house. There
are probably better places, in fact I can think of a couple. 

I could also feed twelve people for a week for pretty cheap, at least
one meal a day, snacks and beverages.

>   Also, a workshop is *a lot* of work for the teacher -- very
> reading intensive; harder than a normal class I would think. 

I am thinking more, like, hang out and talk with Gene Wolfe about
writing or about whatever he wants to talk about.I'd hope that he
and Rosemary would have a good time, and that he'd not do any more
work than he wanted to.

>                                                                    I'd be
> embarrassed to ask any writer of marketable merit to do it for just 2 or 3
> thousand - even if it were just a dozen or so writers he would be working
> with.

Sure. I don't think we could make it worth his while; I think his time
is worth probably a lot more than he is getting for it! I am wondering 
if he might do it if it didn't cost him anything and we could gaurantee 
him (as we could) an absolutely attentive audience.

If Wolfe is uninterested, the project stops right there,obviously. Some
of you know him personally; why doesn't one of you ask him? If he is 
even conditionally interested, then we will move on. 

> Thus the tuition for the Odyssey workshop was $1400!

It was also more than just Gene Wolfe for a week, right?

>                                                         Probably a very
> reasonable rate. I don't intend to throw cold-water on a wonderful plan at
> its inception. I just wouldn't like to see a good idea squelched by
> unreasonable expectations.

Indeed. Let's get the show-stoppers out of the way first.

> On the otherhand, a *readers* workshop where the participants were
> responsible for reviewing and discussing each other's works; with, say, a
> series of "book club" type meetings to discuss various Wolfe works; with
> Wolfe in attendance. This is beginning to sound more like a Gene Wolfe
> Convention. I kinda like that idea too.

So do I, though I like the first idea better.

I'd be willing to do work on this also.




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