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Subject: Re: (urth) Proposed Gene Wolfe Symposium
From: Josh Geller 
Date: 26 Jul 2003 14:22:26 -0700

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 13:36, Don wrote:
> On Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 01:49 PM, Josh Geller wrote:
>> The center of the World, of course.

>> East San Jose.

>> But really, this could be done anywhere in the Bay Area.

>> It's centrally located!

> I'm in Santa Cruz.  That's two.  But this place is mondo expensive, 
> even to visit. 

I am thinking of ways to make it much less expensive.

Providing one fine meal a day, snacks and beverages will help.

Can't do much about transportation costs, but I do have quite a bit
of floor space in my house, if anyone is coming who is OK with sleeping
on people's floors. I would be willing, since we are talking about
limiting this to 12 real-time participants, to put up at least some of
them. I'd provide breakfast for anyone in the house.

> Merging this idea with a convention sounds ideal.

I tend not to agree.

Perhaps doing this for a weekend, as opposed to a whole week, might be
for the best, at least for the first time or two times.

Anyone who does mention this to Gene Wolfe should please ask him to set
out every condition that he can think of. Anyone else who can think of
suggestions to make something like this perfectly comfortable for the
writer and reasonably comfortable for the other participants should also
feel free to tell me about it. Send me private email if you don't want
to say it on the list.



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