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Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 15:53:57 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) wolfe seminar

A few on the list claim they would be interested in getting Mr. Wolfe to 
participate in a workshop type review.  I am a teacher at the high school and 
community college level, and I used to like it.  I've did it for about two and 
a half years, before I taught the worst bunch of miscreant remedial punks in 
the history of the world.  I got tennis balls in the back of the head, penises 
scratched in my glassware, and wrongfully accused of negligence for not 
reporting an instance of sexual harassment (when the girl never came to me and 
said she was being harassed by other students in the hell class). Now I never 
want to teach again, and I'm only 25.  (Actually that might be my problem - I 
looked like the students)

I wouldn't want Mr. Wolfe to go through any stress like that again - I'd just 
rather see him write and stay happy.  After a man says the experience was 
awful and stressful, I wouldn't want to make him repeat it for a fistful of 
dollars.  He's already been screwed for the release dates of his Wizard 
Knight, I'm sure in a ploy to keep money out of his hands, and I don't think 
he likes how several magazines are sitting on his stories.  I want Mr. Wolfe 
to be happy and stress free forever, so he can keep working and finish up the 
soldier series if he wants to.

Just my two cents.
Marc Aramini


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