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Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:15:11 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) delany, etc.

I had to comment on one statement that was made -
that Wolfe might think that Borges and Delany are better writers than him?  I 
have the suspicion that Wolfe doesn't like Delany's writing that much - he 
said he couldn't get through Dhalgren and much preferred Report on Probability 
A by Aldiss.  I'm sure he admires Borges, but I wonder how much of his 
humility is at times fake: "Everything I write is wonderful" - I know he said 
that at a convention.  If I had to go out on a limb and say that Wolfe felt 
like a lesser writer than anyone, it would probably be Dickens, Proust, 
Shakespeare, or Chesterton - who were kind of prolific.  And I don't think he 
really believes that.

Yes, it was absolutely awful how Mr. Wolfe was treated at Odyssey.  People 
take their manuscripts personally.  Having read just about everything Wofle 
has written except perhaps 10 stories, I have come to the conclusion that 
there is one reason that I might find Wolfe a difficult teacher: he really 
doesn't like to explain himself.  I was blessed some time ago: Mr. Wolfe 
perused one of my manuscripts.  He said, "You have a wonderful idea here.  
Many wonderful ideas.  But you will have to get much better at writing before 
you can do justice to them.  You explain yourself way too much."

I was infinitely grateful for his input - and I regard it as extremely 
positive - yet here is the rub: everyone who has ever read my work says I need 
to explain more, because it doesn't make sense - that I make too many quantum 
leaps that should be explained.

I'm sure Wolfe is a wonderful teacher. On the other hand, I knew many 
brilliant research scientists at my undergraduate college who weren't as good 
at teaching as some high school or community college teachers because they 
couldn't simplify in terms that a student could parse and digest.  I maintain 
that some people are too brilliant to be teachers, because those who can't do, 
teach.  Like me!:) Unfortunately, talent isn't a contagious disease.  I wish 
it were.

Marc Aramini


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