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From: "Rex Gatch" 
Subject: (urth) My thoughts 
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 23:10:21 -0400

Been a few busy days for the list. I've lurked for a long time and really
enjoyed the discussions. Normally I haven't posted because someone would say
what I thought and express it better than I could.
  I remember back in the eighties when I was a teenage geek I read "White
Dwarf" which was a  RPG magazine in the UK and the book reviewer ( Dave
Langford I think) reviewed " the claw of the conciliator".
   I don't want to get into a deeply nostalgic trip to not that long  ago
but between the beautiful presentation of the New Sun books and the urging
of the reviewers of the time, I've read every GW book since then.
  I still find new things every time I read them. This list helped me
understand so many things I missed. Especially the religious aspects, (
attending Orthodox churches lately, a lot of things from the list have
fallen in place)
   Anyway to see intelligent and informed discussion at this level on the
web is so rare that I'd hate to see it go. So to all the members of the list
I hope you continue your great contributions.
   Re: the Writing class : Gosh I was so angry when I read this. I'd love to
write. But I know I'd never write as well as Gene Wolfe. Indeed whenever I
have put pen to paper I've felt my inadequacies. I'd love to meet GW, I'd
love to hear him talk about his writing but I would never want his opinion
of my "writing". That was just a very depressing account of where we live


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