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Subject: RE: (urth) Generational Starship?
From: matthew.malthouse@guardian.co.uk
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 10:04:04 +0100

On 16/08/2003 17:55:04 "Jeff Veyera" wrote:

>I don't believe Tzadkiel travels via a solar sail, but through a 
>similar to Father Inire's mirrors (which, not incidentally, Severian 
>the "sails" to during his walk outside the ship).  This is also 
consistent with 
>the theory offered as to where the apports come from, 

The oposite.  The apports are brought as an unintended and often 
unfortunate side effect of the sails being mirrors - which they are to 
most effectivly reflect light: solar sails.



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