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Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 21:57:47 -0700
Subject: (urth) some interesting websites and reckless speculation
From: Lisa Schaffer-Doggett 



I was thumbing through the glossary of my copy of Apollonius' 
Argonautica when I stumbled across the entry for Typhon and realized 
that he is the father of the unsleeping serpent that guards the Golden 
Fleece.  So I spent the next hour or so googling around randomly and 
came across these two sites.   The first is interesting because it 
places the Golden Fleece as a solar representation.  I don't expect 
anyone to buy this but the Kholkian Drakon (do inhumi sleep?), the 
offspring of Typhon is the guardian of the Golden Fleece (which I read 
somewhere could also be a golden apple)/Sun.  What I mean is Quetzal, 
the offspring of Typhon (or a clone thereof), is the guardian (via the 
Chapter) of Silk (the Long Sun).  I know, I know, you don't buy it.  
Still it's in the record now.  The other thing this site does is tie 
the story of the Golden Fleece through alchemy to Tantric Yoga.  
Remember the Tamarind tree in LS?

This second site is incredible.  I could spend days wandering through 
it but I'm focusing on the Kholkian Drakon.  It has two possible 
paternities for it.  The first is the most intriguing considering how 
Inhumi reproduce.  It is the offspring of the BLOOD (emphasis mine) of 
Typhon and Gaia.  The other paternity is Typhon and Ekhidna.  I'll let 
others' speculation run on this.  Still, whatever you think of my 
ideas, check out this site.  It's really great.

I don't think the Golden Fleece/India connection is too farfetched 
either.  Apparently Colchis was  heavily influenced by Indian 
civilization, though I must confess I haven't done much poking around 
in that area.

that's all


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