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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Clones of the Long Sun
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 18:16:35 -0500

Nutria posits:
>  Silk is a son of Typhon.

Crush responds:
This tact has merit. There are very good thematic reasons which you have not
mentioned for Silk to be a son of Typhon and (the original) Echidna. But
your theory seems to be that he's the son of Kypris. There are arguments
with this theory, but I can quickly come up with responses to them as well.
The most tangible problem is that yours is more cumbersome than than the
Typhon-clone theory. Still, I wonder if there's any suggestion of it in
Lemur's account of Typhon's family to Silk and Crane...

Nutria said:
> Don't recall [one of the Mainframe gods merging identies with the real
God]  unless you're thinking of the Outsider as linked to someone in
Mainframe. Who? I thought the whole point was that the Outsider is ...

Crush responds:
Silk says that Kypris has in a sense *become* the Outsider. If she were
erased, then in time Thelxie would become Him. Silk says that Pike was
enlightened; that he was promised help for the mantaeon. It would take some
work to lay out an elaborate proof of this but I assert that this occurred
during or before his sacrifice of the "rabbit that he himself had bought."
Well, who receives sacrifices of rabbits? Kypris, of course. The sacrifice
occurred after his coupling with Rose.

This is another mark for your theory since it would make Silk, in a sense,
the son of the Outsider -- at least, having been *made* a son of the

Nutria said:
> All of which is not to mention simple thematic parallels that may not
> indicate any kind of physical/psychical merging; and the possibility that
> the Outsider's Spirit is creating bonds and "mergings."

I was once inclined to presume that Wolfe's thematic parrallels were
primarily of "spiritual" or "thematic" value. I've been convinced otherwise
during the last year. I don't think Wolfe works that way. Sometimes he has
little jokes, but they are truely *little* jokes.

-- Crush


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