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From: "Chris" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Duh! Part 2.
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 10:40:48 +0000

Baldanders was a potential future that didn't pan out, quite different from 
Typhon. The Typhon identification aside, I think this doesn't make him a 
very good symbol for the Old Sun.

You could say that Typhon is the Old Sun, but ultimately I don't think this 
is the case either; stars/suns are angelic, like Tzadkiel and Severian. If 
you're looking for a character that embodies the Old Sun then you need to 
look for a Vishnu to Severian's Shiva, and I am not so sure Typhon 
qualifies. But I may be making absolutely no sense at all here.

A side note since it doesn't seem worth a whole second post: Wolfe's comment 
to Josh Geller does make a lot of sense, but it could make sense in a few 
different ways. Do you have any more specific idea why Wolfe thought it was 
probably a good thing that he didn't read this list? As I said, it makes 
good sense regardless, but I am curious as to whether there was a more 
specific context.

-- Civet

>Blattid quoted and wrote:
> >>Interesting question.  I tend to think Typhon and Baldanders (rather 
> >>Abaia, who is unseen).
> >
> >That is my belief, too.
>Hmmm.  This (?) answers the question:
> >What two people, who are in some sense the same person, are the Old Sun?
>Typhon and Baldanders are the same person?
>I must have slept through that.

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