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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 11:40:05 -0700
Subject: (urth) LIBRARY Program
From: Sikozu Johnson 

New topic: resources for Bibliophiles like us.

I got this program called Library; I use OS X but think it is available 
in other formats. Anyway, I'm cataloguing my books; it auto-searches 
for the ISBNs you list (or scan) and downloads basic info from servers, 
including pics of the books.

The program then has a button which autogenerates HTML pages so you can 
nearly *instantly* post them. I've put up a sample at 
http://members.cox.net/sikozujohnson/index.html; you can specify 
numbers of books listed on each page and it is amazingly fast to do.

Anyway, if you are interested there's a link to the program at the 
bottom of the page: it's shareware and costs $10 to register, but the 
trial program can be downloaded for free for evaluation and enjoyment. 
Yay modern licenses.

The company also has other neat programs for bibliophiles, like Fontage 
etc., listed on their homepage and at least the font one is pretty 

I should note that my actual homepage's real address has changed and is 
now http://members.cox.net/sikozujohnson/index.shtml, not that *it* is 
of interest.

"I sit for world revolution"
Alan Ginsberg, 19 July 1981


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