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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) The Quetzal Question;
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 97 16:00:00 GMT

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Re: what is it about sacrifice that attracts the attention, I've been
puzzling over that one, too.  In "fantasy" terms, of course we could
say stuff about souls being released from their bodies pop-pop-pop,
like popcorn, and the false gods eating them up like . . . uh,
popcorn.  In standard sfnal terms, we might translate the same into
the equivalent "psionic" circuitry.  But I agree (I think) with
you--there is something =real= happening there besides just the
spectacle of sacrifice.

Re: how long at destination, again, I agree.  They've probably been
in orbit, oh, maybe a hundred years.  I also agree with you that Q
swam on board within that time--Alice argues that he's been cruise
director since day one.  Yes, Q is the Aztec god, but I think he's
also the brazen serpent of Moses and his brother Auk, er, Aaron.

=We= may be sympathetic towards Q, but Horn knows that his Blue
audience will react with utter horror.  So the inhumi really are the
equivalent of vampires, even if Q is one who tried to be good.

(If there are other inhumi who swam across to the Whorl then Q could
be fighting them off.  Also possible that when Q sleeps his id rises
up and does vampirish things without his complete knowledge--note talk
of him stalking around at all hours which he seems to dismiss.)

Re: Calde Tussah, I'm wondering if he isn't Hindu-Indian?  That is,
from Trivigaunte.

Re: god names, yep, they're all Greek.  I'll tell you later (I'm
running against the clock right now).

Re: Feist, I think "an audible expression of intestinal gas" would be
the answer.  (Incus brother = Femur.)


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