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Date: Sat,  1 Feb 97 04:22:00 GMT

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Re: Hindi stratum to Trivigaunte society.  "Calde'" is to Spanish as
"Rani" is to Hindi (although the ranks are as different as mayor and
queen).  True, "khanum" is Turko-Persian, and "Nizam" is
Urdu/Turkish/Arabic, but still.

Not much, I'll admit.  But it's there.  With a Hindu core area and
satellite areas (different cities contributing the "Turkish," "Persian,"
elements that were not indiginous to original Trivigaunte) brought in
through the military campaigns the text suggests they've gone through,
I can envision a Mogul-type/Indus Valley empire with an Islamic
(monotheistic/desert) aspect that is matriarchal rather than patriarchal
(Allat rather than Allah). (This is largely speculative, of course.)

(Can't resist pointing out the silk road.)


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