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From: "Alice Turner" <al@interport.net>
Subject: (whorl) Theophanies and Possessions
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 12:25:50 

[Posted from Whorl, the mailing list for Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun]

Whorl Theophanies and Possessions

I thought a list of  the above might be helpful. Note that only a virgin
can successfully interpret a theophany (though a determined god can get
through in a pinch, cf Kypris and the captain), but that possession can
happen to anyone; of known possessees only the problematic Mint is a
virgin. No light show with Tartaros theophanies.


Kypris, at Orchid's sellaria (I,293-298) to Silk: to "see his face" (she
has glimpsed him earlier at Blood's), probably because of curiosity roused
by the graffiti campaign.

Kypris, at the Sun St. manteion (II,44-45; interpretation 49-51) to Silk
and the congregation: to encourage "crime" in order to raise money for
Silk; to give Orchid a message; to possess first Mint, then Chenille.

Kypris, at Sun St. (II,323-324) to Captain Serval and Marble: to order the
captain to protect Silk.

Echidna, at Sun St. (III,91-93) to the congregation: to order the populace
to worship Scylla, to kill the Counselors, restore the charter and destroy
the Alhambrera; also to possess Marble and sacrifice to herself.

Tartaros, at the tunnel altar (III,238-244) to Auk: presumably to get to
know him to determine his worthiness as a leader, and also simple
opportunism (ability, through injury, to communicate with a non-virgin).

Pas, at the Grand Manteion (IV,38) to Quetzal and the congregation.

Pas, at Sun St. (IV,67-69; interpretation 98-101) to Incus, Auk,
Hammerstone and congregation: to deliver marching orders.

Kypris, at Brick St. Manteion (IV,177-178) to Auk and Chenille: more
marching orders.

Pas/Echidna/Pas, at the chapel beneath the palace (IV,204-5) to Mint,
Remora and soldiers: to deliver Sand to the Grand Manteion.

Pas or Tartaros, at the Grand Manteion (IV, 235-236) to Auk and company: to
transfer Jerboa's "piece of Pas" to Auk and fix Sand.

Kypris and "Pas," on the Trivigaunte airship (IV,346) to Silk and company:
apparently to tempt Silk, or just for the hell of it.

Tartaros, at the launchpad, to say goodbye to Auk.

Note that I personally do not believe any of the Pas theophanies to be
"real." I think them to be faked by Tartaros and, in the last case, Kypris.
Others may disagree.


Kypris takes Hyacinth at Blood's house (I,155-162; cf I,298)

Kypris partially takes Mint at Sun St. (II, 45 ff)

Kypris takes Chenille at Sun St. (II, 45) leaves her presumably at Limna
manteion sometime before II,207.

Scylla takes Chenille at Scylla's shrine (II,258), leaves her at Lake Limna
shrine (III,32)

Echidna takes and leaves Marble at Sun St. (III,92-101)

Echidna partially??? takes Mint???? at Sun St. (III,92 ff)

Tartaros takes Auk at the tunnel altar (III,244), leaves him at the Grand
Manteion (IV,65)

These possessions differ. Kypris apparently slips in and out of Hy from
time to time (our friend mantis has a theory about this, which I am sure
he'd love to share). Auk seems to be in control of his senses and actions
while possessed (except, perhaps, when he kidnaps Hy), but Chenille and
(presumably) Marble are completely taken over. The Mint situation is
completely different from the others, and I don't want to speculate on it
here—I'd prefer to think that there is no Echidna in her.


The Outsider enlightens Silk twice, once on the ball court (I,9 cf
II,285-286) and once on his wedding night (IV,235).

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