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From: CoxRathvon@aol.com
Subject: Re: (whorl) Hyacinth; Kypris; Pas and more
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 11:21:44 

[Posted from Whorl, the mailing list for Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun]

I seem to be sharing a wavelength with Dave Lebling, as I agree strongly with
just about everything in his last message. To wit: 

1.) I agree that Silk's biological parents are the tall blue-eyed man and the
woman "whose eyes spoke truth."  

2.) I share the interpretation of the Whorl having been in the Blue-Green
system for some time; Pas wants the Whorl's exodus (his original plan) while
Echidna and others have rebelled for selfish reasons.  (I'm also inclined to
buy the theory that Quetzal and perhaps other inhumi boarded the Whorl when
it was in or near the Blue-Green system.)

3.) I continue to adhere to the theory that Pike's ghost (followed by the
flitting-out-the-window shape) must of been Quetzal.  However, I don't
understand why he was shape-shifting in Silk's room when as Prolocutor he
could have walked right up to Silk at any time.

4.) I too find that the Long Sun books grow better with each rereading.
 Actually I loved "Nightside" from the get-go.  I especially liked the slow
pace (for Wolfe) and clarity of the Silk-solving-Blood's-villa scenes.  My
first reading of "Lake" and of "Calde" did leave me with the slightest whiff
of disappointment; I think I was craving more strangeness (if you know what I
mean), while it seemed there was a lot of chaotic running around in tunnels.
 But I thought "Exodus" delivered the goods in a big, big way.  And upon
rereading the whole set I've come to appreciate the middle two books more and
more.  I can now say that I actually like the Long Sun story even better than
the New Sun story--which is saying a lot!

5.) One minor disagreement with Dave, perhaps.  I ought to go back and check
(and I will, soon), but I do think Kypris told Silk that she "played" with
Hyacinth.  My impression is that Kypris occasionally possessed Hy through the
glass at Blood's villa.  What effect this had on Hy, and how it fits into the
political picture (with Kypris being pro-Silk and Hy being a Trivigaunte
spy), I'm not certain.

Finally, my thanks to mantis for the useful list of theophanies and
possessions!  I've downloaded that posting as a reference tool.

--Henry Rathvon

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