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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) Who wrote "Silk is Cal
Date: Fri,  7 Feb 97 19:52:00 GMT

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My apologies if the text originated with you.  (Still, algae should
have caught it rather than being caught up with it! <g> <And you were,
Jahi, admit it!> <g>)

See (I, ch. 9, 217); (II, ch. 1, 29).

Please note, all Quetzalghostpikers: I am not questioning "Quetzal is
the dark thing flying from the room at the beginning of the episode"
(see III, 20); I am questioning the double-dipping required to have
Quetzal also be the ghost of Pike, as well as how such a charade could
possibly help Quetzal or his goals.


Glad to help out.
Father = Ouen (the waiter at the Inn of Lost Loves)
Mother = Catherine (definitely a monial who left the Pelerines, probably an
exultant, possibly related to Thecla)
Paternal grandmother = Dorcas ("Oedipus, meet Lolita")
Paternal grandfather = the boatman on the Lake of Birds (essentially


Nice to see you coming out and agreeing with the Orchid/Mucor
thing--now I'll try to sabotage it for you! <g> But in the meantime,
don't forget your mini-lecture on how the Lake is not a Window!

(Then again, you do make such an Artful Dodger!)


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