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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) Flyer names and their
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 02:53:00 GMT

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Great work on the fliers!  (I can't tell you how much searching I did
. . . how close I got . . . )  Thanks!

But wait--there's more!  How about "canna" (the least damaging name
for the propulsion module) and "gleacaiocht" (the unarmed combat)?

Thanks in advance!


And when Silk is dead wrong, it is easily verified by the text and
the context.  For example: Chenille says she doesn't want to go near
any Sacred Windows because she's been possessed through them at the
Sun Street manteion and at the Lake Shrine; Silk comes close to
telling her that there isn't a Sacred Window at the Lake Shrine (IV,
ch. 2, p. 47).  We readers know that Silk looked for one, couldn't
find it before he was dragged down by the vengeful talos; Chenille
found it hidden under a plaque and was quickly ridden by Scylla; neither
one has compared notes with the other.

Then there is Silk ignoring Oreb's warnings about Quetzal, but that
isn't wrong so much as it is willfully ignorant.

He figures out Chenille's parentage by the end of III and always
seems very close to figuring out who Blood's father is.

Any other big instances of Silk being wrong?  (There must be--I'm not
trying to come up with an exhaustive list, just trying to find out
what you are thinking of.)


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