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From: Derek Bell <dbell@maths.tcd.ie>
Subject: Re: (whorl) silk flowers, sleepers awake, whorl gazetteer
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 22:08:27 +0000

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In message <199702281831.KAA03552@lists1.best.com>, Ranjit Bhatnagar writes:
>I noticed this time while scanning II-Ch4 that Crane has
>given Hy cosmetic surgery like Talos did Jolenta.  Does
>Crane remind anyone else of Dr Talos?

	Hmmm... Excellent point - both also appeared to be of higher
rank than a particular patient, but turn out to be serving that patient. 

>Just for the heck of it: What cities do we know of?  Gens
>("they got tails in Gens"), Trivigaunte ("the girls fight
>like troopers in Trivigaunte"), Palustria ("down amongst
>the pollywogs, eh?"),

	I think night-choughs were supposed to be native to the
marshes of Palustria.

>Urbs and Urbis (can't find a quote).

	Urbs and Wick are mentioned by Quetzal when he talks of his
contacts with other cities.

	As for the two Flier terms that I haven't translated yet: I
have a couple of (very uncertain) translations. "canna" could mean a
vessel or container - the dictionary I consulted also suggested it was
a variant of "caunna", which means moth. I'm not sure which of these
are correct. The former translation could be a euphemism of some sort,
just as the term "tank" was in WW1 when tanks were about to be
introduced. (I think the propulsion unit has a bell-shaped rocket
nozzle, so this could be another explanation.) Then again, "moth" is
appropriate, seeing as there are Fliers with names related to flying

	I'm even less certain about "glacaiocht": it could be a literal
translation of karate ("empty hand") as "glac" means hand. It could
also be related to the Irish for recieving, possibly denoting a soft
martial art, where the emphasis is on redirecting your opponent's
attacks. I also asked a friend about the possible meaning and he said
it sounded like the word for athletics, which could be used to cover
martial arts at a stretch. As I wasn't sure of the pronunciation I
have emailed him the spellings. (Irish uses accute accents, which are
clearly missing in some of the Flier names.) Hopefully, he will reply


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