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From: "Kieran Cleary" <kcleary@nwlabs.ie>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Archive, Q, Kieran Cleary="Lasrach"
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 12:38:42 +0000

[Posted from Whorl, the mailing list for Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun]


I have been reading the archive volumes, and didn't spot any 
reply to Xury's Urth=Green posting, so I threw in my tuppence 
worth's. However, I seem to be sending rash postings about topics 
which have already been discussed. Forgive! 

For what it's worth, on the "How does Q know?" issue, I've been 
rereading Castle of Days, where I remember Wolfe pointing out the 
distinction between Typhon and Typhaen (?), the latter being the son 
of "Gaea and Tartarus", described as a serpent with wings. 


Perhaps I'm opening old wounds here again, but from what I remember 
about Pike's invasion of the devils theory, he claimed that they were 
resident in Mainframe, and that the Gods deleted them wherever they 
were found. These sound more like rogue personalities within the 
machine than the Inhumi.
"Kieran" may not be a Vironese name, but it would do for a Flier's. 
Though with a literal translation of "little dark one", sounds like 
I'd be a pal of fey-sounding Sumaire's! (which I think actually means 
something like "eddy" rather than "sinkhole" in the Flier context. To 
avoid confusion though, I'll go for another possible Flier name of 
"Lasrach" on this list.

On Wolfe's opacity of writing, sometimes when trying to pursue his 
intent I'm assailed by doubts on the existance of any meaning at high 
levels of granularity. His plots are to this discussion as Apheta's 
speech is to Severian's. Though that's more a comment on his 
achievement, than anything else. I don't think I've read another 
author better able to convey the relativity of truth than Wolfe.


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