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This is Sean Whalen (prion).

I think something important may be in an analysis of the Mainframe
gods' names in relation to their characteristics.

Pas:  Greek for all.  Pseudonym Typhon uses.  Typhon or Typhoeus was
either a giant or a many-headed dragon that breathed fire who defeated
the gods and cut out Zeus' muscles until Zeus regained them and buried
him under Mt. Etna, or some other volcano or in the region of
Tartaros.  Son of Gaia and Tartaros, or Nyx and Tartaros, or Gaia
alone, or Hera alone, or many others.  Sometimes Typhon and Typhoeus
are considered two different beings, one the father of the other.  He
fathered many monsters with Echidna.  Name seems to mean Smoking One,
but he's also associated with the destructive winds.  Silk says Pas'
oldest symbol is the whirlwind (the typhoon).  He tries to usurp God's
place, but fails.

Echidna:  Greek for snake.  A woman who is part snake. Daughter of
Tartaros and Gaia, or Erebus and Nyx, or Chrysaor and Kallirrhoe, or
of Keto and Phorkys.  She mated with her (maybe) brother Typhon (or
other monsters, too) and produced many monsters.  Killed while
sleeping by hundred-eyed Argos.  In the Whorl, she's the goddess of
fertility (her many children), and associated with snakes.

Scylla:  Greek for Render, and maybe also Whelp.  Skylla was the child
of Typhon and Echidna, or Phorkys and Kratais, or of others. 
Sometimes said to be a beautiful maiden who torn to pieces by a rival,
and put back together as a monster, or turned into a monster by a
rival.  Had dogs' heads on her waist, and things like squid tentacles,
which may have had heads at their ends.  Lived by the sea near
Charybdis.  In the Whorl goddess of water.  Acts like a whelp.

Tartaros:  Not a Greek word.  God of the underworld, or the place
itself.  Child either of the original Chaos, or of Typhon and Echidna.
 Tartaros was said to be as far below Hades (also named after it's
master) as Hades was below the Earth.  In the Whorld Tartaros is the
god of night, crime, and commerce.

Hierax.  Greek for eagle.  The eagle who tormented Prometheus, by
eating his liver each day, which grew back.  Child of Typhon and
Echidna, or others.  In the Whorl the god of death, who likes to
torment others.

Sphigx.  Greek for throttler.  A winged lion with a woman's head. 
Child of Typhon and Echidna or others.  In the Whorl, the goddess of
war and courage.

Thelxiepeia.  Greek for enchanting speech.  One of the Sirens, who had
uncertain parentage (though certainly someone said T and E).  They had
the bodies of birds, or other creatures, and their song was sweet
enough to cause men to jump overboard and drown.  In the Whorl, the
goddess of magic, mysticism, and poison.

Molpe.  Greek for song.  Another Siren.  In the Whorl, the goddess of
music, dance, art, the winds, and lightness.

Phaea.  Greek for gray (not shining).  Child of Typhon and Echidna, or
others.  Called the Crommyon sow.  A monstrous pig who terrorized the
land until killed by Theseus.  In the Whorl is the goddess of food and
healing, but also of killing in order to eat.

Kypris.  Greek for the Cyprian (one from Cyprus).  Name of Aphrodite,
goddess of love and beauty.

Thetis.  Greek Nereid who warned Tartaros about a conspiracy against
Zeus.  He brought the Hekatonchires (hundred-armed giants) to protect
him against his sister-wife Hera, brother Poseidon, and daughter
Athena.  In the Whorl, the goddess to whom lost travelers pray, and
who guides sacrificial ships to Scylla.

Thyone.  Not a Greek word.  The name Semele took on becoming a
goddess.  Mother of Dionysos, the god of wine and vine.  In the Whorl,
the goddess of people who use wine to tell the future.

Catamitus.  The Latin form of Ganymedes, which is not a Greek word. 
The boy carried away by Zeus to be cup-bearer of the gods, among other

Looking over the list, it seems that about every "god" has a serious
mental problem.  Typhon is monomaniacal, Scylla is egotistic, Hierax
is sadistic, Sphigx is hyperaggressive, Molpe has fits of insanity,
Thelxiepeia was probably a drug addict and poisoner, Phaea eats too
much, and Kypris is a nymphomaniac.  Any ideas about the others'
possible problems?

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