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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals, and meanings (C)
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 16:27:31 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Cassava.  One of the species of the genus Manihot.  Roots used to make
tapioca.  An old woman on Sun Street.

Cavy.  A species in the family Caviidae, especially the cavy (Cavia
tschudii).  Large South American rodents.  Live in burrows.  Most look
like large guinea pigs crossed with a rabbit with a longer face.  Also
the name for a herd of work horses (or a cavvy).  A boy in Silk's

Chamomile.  A plant of genus Anthemis (especially Anthemis nobilis) or
Matricaria (especially Matricaria chamomilla) or the oil or perfume
made of those plants' flowers.  An assistant at the Talus factory.

Chenille.  French for caterpillar, from Latin canicula (little dog),
from canis (dog).  A yarn of wool, cotton, or silk; which is named
chenille because of it's resemblance to the thread by which a
caterpillar hangs.  The chenille plant (Acalypha hispida) from East
India, which has spikes of crimson flowers that look like chenille
(the fabric).  The chenille weed, a red alga (Rhodomelaceae Dasya
elegans) found on the western coast of the North Atlantic.  This name
relates her to Tussah, and thus to Silk.  It also connects her to the
chenille plant (called burning cattail), causing the confusion about
the device on her knife.

Chervil.  Anthriscus cerefolium.  Also called beaked parsley.  A
sweet-smelling herb which has leaves used in soups and salads.  Wife
of Coypu.

Chiquito.  Spanish for little boy.  Also an indigenous tribe in
Bolivia.  The name of the parrot owned by Mamelta's parents (which is
why he doesn't have an animal name, he's not Vironese).

Civet.  Any of the many species of the family Viverridae, including
the civet cat (Civettictis civetta), a two to three foot long mammal
with a thin body and long thin tail.  Fox-like heas.  The family also
includes linsangs, genets, meerkats, and mongooses.  Also the pelt of
any of these animals, or a thick, fat, oily, musky, smelly, clear
brown or yellow bodily substance found in the pouch near the penis of
the civet cat, used in perfumes.  The officer whose soldiers killed
Crane while trying to rescue silk.

Coypu.  Also spelled coypou.  Myocastor coypus, a South American
two-foot-long aquatic diving rodent with webbed feat.  Looks like a
beaver with a long rat tail.  Bred for their fur, but many have
escaped and are now considered pests in many areas of the world.  Also
called nutria.  The husband of Chervil.

Crane.  A species of the family Gruidae.  Tall wading birds that look
like herons.  Alias used by Sigada while working as a spy in Viron.

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