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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals and meanings (P)
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:11:07 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Paca.  Any species of genus Cuniculus of family Dasyproctidae,
especially the paca (Cuniculus paca).  Cuniculus is Latin for rabbit
or burrow.  Related closely to agoutis.  Nocturnal rodents about two
feet long.  Digs burrows.  Good swimmer.  Hunted for their meat.  One
of Spiders spies who died in the tunnels.

Pas.  Greek for all.  Pseudonym Typhon uses.  A major god.  One of the
Nine.  God of weather, wind, rain, sun, machinery, and many other
things.  Associated with cattle and birds of prey.  Shown with two
heads.  Said to have built the Whorl.  Typhon was actually the Monarch
of Urth and many other worlds.

Peeper.  Any young animal that peeps or chirps.  Also any species of
chirping frog, especially of family Hylidae (the treefrogs), and most
especially the spring peeper (Hylidae Hyla crucifer).  The spring
peeper has adhesive toes, lives in trees, and can leap to catch
insects in the air.  Can jump seventeen times its length.  Its song
begins at the start of spring.  Jailer at the Juzgado.

Petal.  The leaf-shaped part of a flower.  Also, a body part of a sea
urchin of order Exocycloida.  Alias of Titi.

Phaea.  Greek for gray.  In Greek mythology is the child of Typhon and
Echidna, or others.  Called the Crommyonian Sow.  A monstrous pig who
terrorized the land around Crommyon in Corinth until killed by
Theseus.  Some sources say that this was actually an old bandit
nicknamed the Sow who was terrorizing the place.  In the Whorl is a
major goddess.  One of the Nine and of the Seven.  The goddess of food
and healing, but also of killing in order to eat.  Associated with
swine and the sixth day of the week.  Supposed child of Typhon and
Echidna.  Her problem is gluttony.

Pike.  A long thin carnivorous fish (Esox lucius), also called the
northern pike.  Also, any species in family Esocidae that resembles
the pike.  Also the name for a variety of weapons like the spear.  Old
augur on Sun Street.  Blood's father.  Dead.

Poppy.  Any of various species of genus Papaver or related genera. 
White, red, or yellow showy flowers.  The source of opium.  A
prostitute at Orchid's.

Pork.  Pork is a food made from the meat of the pig.  Restaurant owner.

Potto.  Any member of genus Perodicticus or Arctocebus, especially the
potto (Lorisidae Perodicticus potto).  Primates related to monkeys. 
Stout, with large legs and arms and a large neck.  Large eyes.  Live
in trees. The potto has four spines at the back of its neck.  Member
of the Ayuntamiento.

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