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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals and meanings (R)
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:06:09 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Ratel.  Any species of genus Mellivora (honey-eater), especially
Mellivora capensis.  M. capensis is also called the honey badger.  It
has a grey top and the rest of the fur is black.  It looks like a
cross between a skunk and a badger.  It has long claws.  It is about
two feet long.  It is stocky and has very loose skin, in which it can
maneuver.  The thick skin helps to protect it against bee stings when
it gets honey.  Interestingly, it is led to sources of honey by
another species, a small bird called the honey guide (Indicatoridae
Indicator indicator).  This bird also leads humans and other animals
to honey sources, where they open up the nest, leaving the honey guide
to feed on the remnant honey and wax.  The ratel also eats small
animals, insects, roots, bulbs, and fruit.  They are normally
nocturnal.  A young girl at the palaestra.

Remora.  Latin for delay.  Any species of one of several genera in
family Echeneidae (ship-delaying), especially the remora (Remora
remora).  The remora has a sucking disk on the back of its head that
it attaches to the bottoms of sharks, large fishes, or ships.  They
travel with them.  It feeds on the parasites of the shark and also
leaves briefly to catch small fish or crustaceans.  The remora prefers
the blue shark as its host.  Patera Remora delays often when speaking.
 He also has a parasitic relationship with Prolocutor Quetzal.

Rimah.  Arabic for gazelle.  Siyuf's chief of staff.

Rook.  Corvus frugilegus, a bird related to and looking like the crow.
 It also is a piece in chess.  It is also slang for one who cheats or
is deceived.  One of Mint's lieutenants.  Seen in a symbolic dream. 
Interpreted by Mint to be a message sent by the Outsider (who relates
to the night chough Oreb).

Rose.  From Latin rosa, from Greek rhodon.  Probably related to island
of Rhodos.  Any species in genus Rosa.  Pretty, but has sharp thorns. 
Represents chastity.  Maytera Rose is pretty prickly, and has broken
her vow of chastity.  She's also lost the blush of youth.

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