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From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Theophanies, Silk's end
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 14:19:44 

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Alice Turner wrote:

> >I predict that if we see Silk at all in the Short Sun books, it will be as
> >part of a Silk/Pas amalgram residing in Mainframe.
> If you want to make a bet of it, I'll take it. I haven't got much of an
> argument except that, speaking editorially, too much is unresolved at the
> end of Exodus. There is the new murkiness in Silk's disposition and demeanor
> that someone spoke of earlier. There is the question of Hy's allegiance.
> There are the taluses under construction. It is true that we might not meet
> Silk again directly (I will be sorry for that) but we will have to hear the
> end of his tale. 

Editorially speaking, I think that what you're expressing is properly a
criticism of Exodus, rather than a good reason to continue Silk's story in
the Short Sun books.  Unless Silk is the central character of the Short
Sun books.  It seems sloppy to write 4 books about a character and then
have the resolution of his story take place in another set of books that
center on other characters.

I think that criticism can be rebutted, that Silk's sudden disappearance
can be seen as an artistically satisfying ending to the series, that the
details of talus construction are not foreshadowing but the explanation of
where these strange beasts come from, that we might still see more of Hy
without necessarily giving Silk center stage again.

Silk's disapearance fits in well with the Christ imagery.  It's straight
out of Acts chapter 1.  Silk is victorious and his followers think he's
about to lead them to a new kingdom, and then he disappears leaving them
to remember him as best they can and work things out on their own.  Thus
setting the stage for his Second Coming from the glory of Mainframe...

> I reject the Silk/Pas amalgam because it's so baldly a
> variant of the demonic offer of world control, and Silk really is a
> "beautiful man."

Yes it is, but I'm also of the camp that, if this happened/happens, it
wouldn't be something Silk had a choice about. 

I am perhaps still too enamored of the theory that Silk was originally
intended to be the host body for Pas when the Starcrosser reached
landfall, the Piaton that Typhon's "head" would be grafted onto.  

From which might lead the (for me irresistable) irony of a crippled Pas
program which needs a new "head" personality from Silk to run it and make
it strong enough to win back Mainframe from Echidna and the kids. 


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