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From: "Alice Turner" <al@interport.net>
Subject: (whorl) new book
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 01:57:40 

Here is a message from David Hartwell concerning the new book. I asked him
if we could get a group discount for advance orders. It seems to me strange
that he says no--group discounts are not unusual in publishing, and Ranjit
tells me that we have about 140 on the list. If even half that number
ordered a book, it would be a substantial advance order. Does anyone have a
connection with, say, Amazon, who might be willing to offer a group

It's depressing that the first book won't be till fall '99. I wonder if we
can cohere till then. We've done well so far, but to hold off a full year
longer than first expected will be difficult.


Oh sigh,I am not able to sell books at a discount. You can get discounts
almost everywhere (Costco is probably the highest on books) but from the

The title of new book number one is On Blue's Waters and I have tentatively
scheduled it for next fall. This may change, because the second manuscript,
and the third, seem destined to follow quickly--I am told that book two
will be turned in perhaps by late January, and the third, Return to the
Whorl, perhaps by June, and a new short story collection is coming too. I
do not say for certain though what the publication dates or completion
dates are, but only what I am given to understand by the agent.

I need to call Gene as soon as I finish On Blue's Waters, which will
probably be next week.


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