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From: Nigel Price <NigelPrice1@compuserve.com>
Subject: (whorl) Doh - Remi!
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 20:04:14 

Welcome aboard, Josh Smith!  Interesting discussion - but on another tack

Has anybody else ever noted or commented on the following (entirely
unremarkable and certainly insignificant) coincidence of plot motifs?

Last Monday, Cath (wife) got Charlotte (6 year old daughter) a copy of
"Tintin and the Lake of Sharks" from the library van when it stopped off in
our village, and I've been reading it to Charlotte as a bed-time story. 
I'm a great Tintin fan, but I've always turned my nose up at the "Lake of
Sharks", because it's not by Hergé, the pen name of Beligian illustrator
Georges Remi, the man who invented Tintin and drew and wrote all the other
Tintin books.  It's just the book version of a feature-length cartoon film
that they made back in 1972, based on Hergé's characters, but actually
written by "Greg", the editor-in-chief of "Tintin" magazine.  I was
interested to note, however, that the story contains a set of baddies who
work from a secret underwater base hidden in the depths of an inland lake. 
Their hide-out even contains a submarine pen and a submarine to take the
baddies between the lake shore and their submerged headquarters.


Remind you of anything Lupine?

Surely not, it can't be!

I admit that the idea of "Tintin and the Lake of Sharks" as a possible
source for "Lake of the Long Sun" is pretty far-fetched, but I thought I'd
just give it a Whorl...

Nigel Price (who still hasn't finished his essay on Blish and Wolfe -
sorry, Mantis!)
Minety, Wiltshire

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