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From: Alex David Groce <Alex_Groce@gs246.sp.cs.cmu.edu>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Re: Dreams
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:00:10 

Adam spoke:

>Have any of Horn's dreams in OBW turned out to be prophetic yet?  I
>remember thinking that Horn spent rather a lot of time telling us his
>dreams, and none of them had any obvious relevance (except for the one
>in the pit which may have been Silk resurrecting him).  But I only read
>the book once, so I could be wrong.

Well, not that I recall, but then in Long Sun many of the more significant
"foretold" events don't occur until later books (and some aren't really
clear until a second reading--the prophecy is highly metaphorical, but
clearly intentional at least at Wolfe's level).

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