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From: "Jonathan Laidlow" <LAIDLOJM@hhs.bham.ac.uk>
Subject: (whorl) Symposium further details
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:15:31 GMT

Hi folks,

I will post the three abstracts of Symposium papers on the list next 
week. I'm still waiting for Peter Wright's proposal, although I do 
have an idea of what he'll be doing (its on Fifth Head and post-

As for publishing them - there is obviously a place for them  in the 
Winter edition of Ultan's Library, depending on any contributions we 
receive from other writers, but I'm exploring avenues for publishing 
the papers as a small book. Obviously the latter course is more 

I do hope that we can muster enough support for a substantial 
second edition of the journal. I'm thinking about including a short 
'Notes & Queries' section, in which specific points (possibly 
explored on Urth/Whorl) can be discussed. Nigel has also 
suggested that a full commentary on the Book of the New Sun 
would be a desirable project (and a long one!) which could perhaps 
evolve as a feature of the journal.

Any thoughts, anyone?

Jonathan Laidlow
Editor, Ultan's Library
An electronic journal for the study of Gene Wolfe
email: J.M.Laidlow@bham.ac.uk

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