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From: Dan Schmidt <dfan@harmonixmusic.com>
Subject: (whorl) IGJ: Prediction and Question
Date: 07 Aug 2000 11:09:19 

Prediction: On Blue's Waters was about both Horn's original time on
Blue (getting to Pajarocu) and his adventures there after returning.
In Green's Jungles was about both his original time on Green and his
later adventures there through astral projection.  Therefore, I'm
guessing that Return To The Whorl will contain both past tense and
present tense goings-on under the Long Sun, and that the title refers
to the present-tense return that will not take place until the third
volume, and not to his first return which he's mentioned in passing so
far.  My apologies for belaboring the obvious.

Question: I never really understood the whole aquastor/eidolon thing
back in BOTNS.  Is it possible that Horn's (and others) physical
manifestation during the "astral projection" episodes is an aquastor?

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