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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@charter.net>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Clute's Revelation
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 02:12:13 

> SF WEEKLY has just published John Clute's review of IN
> GREEN'S JUNGLES, and (among other remarks of interest)
> Clute declares that it is "reasonably clear" that
> Horn/Silk is himself an inhumu. Any reactions?

David Lomax has already mentioned the Oreb angle, and it seems hard to
believe that Incanto-the-inhumu could fool the wise bird whereas Quetzal,
the Bean and Jahlee couldn't.

Yet another contraindication is Horn's handwriting. The inhumi have at best
terrible writing and Horn/Incanto has handwritten two books, at least the
first of which (and no doubt the second and third) has been read by Horn's
wife and children with no editorial comment about Horn's rather execrable
penmanship. Ditto for Inclito's mother, who receives handwritten
instructions on how she can remedy her recent ill turn in health ("Er, what
are these words, Incanto? 'Necklace of garlic'?"). And isn't it likely that
if Horn were able to manipulate his physical appearance, he'd at least try
to appear fully sighted or without the wound in his side? (Not sure how
shapeshifting works if you have scars or wounds.) Or that the Neighbors
would aid and abet a former vampiric nemesis?

And lastly while there is a precedent in Wolfean fiction--Victor Trenchard
killing and taking the place of John Marsch in FIFTH HEAD--at least it is
identifiable when it happens, something I'm not sure Clute's hornjacking is.
(Who exactly is subsuming Horn's personality? Krait? Some other inhumu? And
when/where does it occur?)

In other words list me among the unconvinced (as I am about Silk's suicide,
since Catholics that die by their own hand are forbidden not only burial in
Catholic cemetaries, but Heaven), although I do admit I'm willing to
consider further evidence.

Robert Borski

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