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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Just read Clute's OBW review <SPOILERS>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 05:47:39 

Kevin J. Maroney was kind enough to reply:

>I thought that the common wisdom was that the Whorl left Urth about 1000
>years before _Book of the New Sun_ (during the time of Typhon) and had
>spent 1000 years in transit (though only 358 years passed on-board because
>of time dilation). Someone here--Robert Borski, I think--pegged the scene
>towards the end of _Green_ as taking place during the swimming scene in
>chapter 1 of _Shadow of the Torturer_, and I suspect he's right.

Ah.  Thanks for taking the time to clear up my misconception.  But now I
remember reading the 700 years ago reign of Typhon plus 300plus years for
the voyage <slapping head>.

 I knew that the trip to Urth was during the time of Shadow, but didn't
assume that any of the astral/corridor trips had to be made in *current*
time and was assuming they traveled to the past.

Concerning the speculation on Oreb's true nature:
What do most think the enlargement of Oreb signified?
Simply more proof that he is being ridden by one or more of the gods?
Simply proof that Oreb's own nature is more human (larger than a normal

Concerning the inhumu nature of Silk and/or Horn:
When posters consider this possibility I am assuming they are postulating
that either an inhumu/a is impersonating Silk and/or Horn or that Silk
and/or Horn's essences were transferred into the bodies of inhumu/a.  Is
this a correct assumption?

What I am not assuming is that the traditional stories of victims of
vampyres becoming vampyric through either spiritual or natural (virus) means
is expected to be revealed in TBOSS.  Is this a correct assumption or do
some hold the view that this will become part of the story?

>*Must we assume that, with a name like that, Endymion is a monster?

If a monster, a gentle one <grin>.  A sleeping shepherd boy is a more
accurate description.


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