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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) IGJ: Sinew Thoughts
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 15:00:08 

I keep struggling with Sinew and Horn's relationship in my mind and
unfortunately I only come up with questions and not answers.

Reviewing what I think I know:

-Sinew was the victim of an inhuma (Krait's mother?) as a baby.

-Horn thinks Sinew grew to hate him in his later youth.  At first Sinew did
not hate Horn but at some point between his birth and Horn's leaving for his
trip to Pajarocu, he believes Sinew came to hate him.

-Horn gives no evidence that Sinew hates Nettle, but Sinew does not feel
enough love/loyalty to stay on Lizard with her and protect her.  Or did she
make him go to protect Horn as she sent Hoof and Hide out to search for

-Sinew was determined to go to Pajarocu and helped his father on the lander.
He stayed with Horn part of the time on Green but at some point
*defected/deserted* Horn.

The question I haven't been able to answer is what is it that Sinew has
against Horn and possibly Nettle that the other children Hoof and Hide don't
seem to have against their parents.

My first thought was that it was anger that they didn't protect him from the
inhuma.  But then why did Horn say that it was when Sinew was older (12?
15?) that he came to hate Horn?  I couldn't find the reference just now but
vaguely remember a line in IGJ saying something like...Hoof and Hide were
always good sons and so was Sinew, at least at first.

What happened to turn Sinew against Horn?  I keep feeling that until I know
that event (One of GW's big secrets) the whole mystery won't be revealed.


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