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From: Jim Jordan <jbjordan@gnt.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Oreb/Pas
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 17:25:30 

	The Oreb as Scylla theory has much to sustain it, but I'm inclined more to
the Oreb as Kypris and also (thus) as Holy Spirit. The statement that Silk
might move up to an administrative position links with the death,
resurrection, and eventual ascension of Silk (Jesus) to a heavenly throne
(as part of the trinity, with Pas/father and Kypris/spirit). He would get
to take Oreb with him, and pass him on to others (as to Horn). 
	It is also interesting to speculate on the relationship of Pas to the
Outsider. Pas himself has undergone death and resurrection, no? Dismembered
by his family, and then restored to life through Kypris's work. We can
assume that Old Pas was Evil Typhon downloaded, but what about New Pas? New
Pas is clearly to the Father what Silk is to the Son and Kypris to the
Spirit (the archetype of femininity in Christian thought). 
	The Spirit is sent by the Father to Jesus at the latter's baptism, as His
earthly guide during His human life. Oreb fulfills this function, and thus
might be seen as manifesting both New Pas and also Kypris. 
	(Yes, I know Oreb is also in Germanic mythology, as the limp also goes
with Claudius, etc. But given that Silk's life is a copy of the gospel
narrative, I submit that the primary imagery is taken from there.)
	Scylla remains. I suggested Scylla as the novelistic equivalent of the
Harlot in Revelation, riding on the back of the scarlet beast. The Harlot
is the counterfeit of the Spirit-created Church, and thus of the Spirit.
Thus, Scylla imagery associated with Kypris and Oreb would not be out of
line, Scylla as mirror image of Kypris. Does this work? Are there tags in
the novels that associate Scylla-imagery with Kypris-imagery?

Pat. Nut.

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