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From: akt@attglobal.net
Subject: (whorl) Limp biz (cut)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 19:44:05 

Patera Rat put forth (on another subject altogether):

> (Yes, I know Oreb is also in Germanic mythology, as the limp also goes
> with Claudius, etc.

That limp doesn't go just with Claudius. That limp is important to
classical mythology in general. There's Oedipus--"swollen-foot"--of the
dire prophecy. There's Melampus--"blackfoot," also a prophet. There's
Jason, who arrives wearing just one sandal, as was prophesied. There's
some other odd stuff about sandals, including the sandals of Theseus
(under the stone) and the drag-footed lame Crane Dance and the prophetic
fall that followed. Telephus was wounded in the left leg by Achilles,
and we all know of Achilles and his heel. I cannot remember if Odin was
eventually lame, but I wouldn't be surprised, since Horn is certainly
fixing to be Odin in his accoutrements. There's the Fisher King, wounded
in the thigh.

And there's Sev. And Silk. And Oreb (wing). Eventually (I'll bet; he's
already got a staff), Horn. And for the Crowleyites among us, there's
Pierce walking up Mount Randa with one black shoe and one brown shoe,
first seen as a pilgrim in a shamanistic trance by Beau Brachman. Tres,
tres Jason, IMO.

On another subject, Ian, mantis isn't putting you off--we did get pretty
intense about Suzanne. If you read the earlier stuff and still have
questions, please ask them.


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