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From: akt@attglobal.net
Subject: (whorl) Oh, no, not a Sex Secret! (pronoun problem)
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 22:29:07 

I can't believe I'm becoming a Secret sharer in any way. But please have
a look at IGJ 81-83. This is the scene where the Secret is actually
imparted and Horn does understand it "and what happened almost twenty
years ago;" (Krait being about 20, or 21 I'd say). Horn has vision of
"wicked women" and "brutal giants" and believes he is sharing Krait's
vision as a gift from the Outsider "to share Krait's thoughts, and to
see Green's jungle as Krait himself did."

"To see it as our blood allowed him to see it."

In the next paragraph he says "You feared that jungle, I know; so did I
at times." I think the "you" is Sinew. But what on earth is "our" as in
blood?  Yours and mine, Sinew because I'm your dad? Yours and mine,
Krait, because you just took a nibble from me and I'm sort of your dad
too? Yours and mine, Outsider? The blood that you, Sinew, and Krait
share (re his mother), part of which I contributed genetically (this is
ridiculous). It can't possibly be sexual, can it?  Twenty years ago? How
the hell do they reproduce? Those women and "brutal giants" do seem like
part of a primitive fertility rite.

I hope I'm not awarded the dreaded Borski prize for this.


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