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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Horn/Babbie OBW and IGJ More Sinew/Krait Thoughts
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 18:43:30 

Just reread this passage in OBW p.377

"Someone on shore called again for Babbie, and I understood that he meant
me; it never so much occurred to me then that I had sometimes been called
"Silk" or "Horn."  He who called me seemed quite near, and he called me with
more urgency than Seawrack ever has.  I searched the shadows under the
closest trees for him without result.

I had on my trousers, with Hyacinth's azoth in the waistband, and I got my
tunic as well and the augur's black robe that Olivine had found in some
forgotten closet for me: I left behind the stockings, boots, sash, and the
jeweled vest.  For a moment I considered taking back my dagger and the sword
that I am too weak to use, but the voice from the forrest was calling to me
and there was no more time to waste upon inessentials.  I waded ashore and
set off through the forrest at a trot.  I have the pen case on which I am
writing and the rambling account of my failure, with a few other
possessions, because they were in the pockets of the robe."

I've read people speculating that Horn was switched into Babbie's body at
this point to hide him from the inhumi.  I see the references to realizing
whoever was calling Babbie was calling him and to trotting.  But I also see
him wearing trousers, with an azoth in the waistband etc.  For Horn to be in
Babbie's body in this passage some time must pass between the first and
second paragraphs above.  I don't see that.  Also, the voice calling him
from the forrest in the second paragraph would have to be someone calling
Horn and not Babbie since in the second paragraph he is definitely in a
human body.  What I don't understand is that some merging of Horn's &
Babbie's memories has occurred but at this point I don't believe Horn is in
Babbie's body.  Maybe Babbie's spirit is sharing Horn's body?

Now on a different tack.  Sinew and Krait.  I am about to reread OBW and IGJ
paying attention to any mentionings of Krait and Sinew.  I am looking for
evidence that they are different and not one.  The thought I will be trying
to disprove will be that Krait killed Sinew as a baby and took his place.  I
know in the final seedship scenes in OBW Horn mentions both Krait and Sinew
being there, but I am investigating whether Horn has trouble
remembering/wanting to remember that they are merely two different ways he
views one entity.

One of the reasons I am willing to consider this possibility is the
discussion on the Urth mailing list of the Ziggurat.  Knowing that is it
possible for Wolfe to write scenes which can be interpreted either literally
or metaphorically.

Another scene that comes to mind is the one alga keeps mentioning, IGW
81-83.  Did Sinew/Krait turn against/desert Horn and so he had Krait "die"
in his arms.  The faithful son he dreamed of, dying by his side, instead of
the disappointing Sinew.

If I have forgotten passages that clearly show Sinew and Krait as separate
please bring them to my attention.  It's very possible I have as I haven't
reread OBW (except for small passages here and there) since it first came
out.  I also know that looking at literal passages as metaphors can drive me
crazy in a Wolfe book, but want to explore this possibility anyway.


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