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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) More questions while rereading OBW
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 17:19:06 

p.224 Horn dreams "wrapping a slimy tentacle around my neck, he having
become Scylla."  Oreb.  In Oreb's voice she demanded I take her to the Blue

Is there a Blue mainframe?  What would it be like?   So far we have seen the
Neighbors and inhumi portrayed as spiritual creatures and very little of
their technology?  Krait made mention to Horn that the inhumi were a vastly
older race than humans and that they had seen things humans could not even
imagine or some similar quote.

p.265 The Neighbors house didn't like Borsat?  Forced him to leave?

More Neighbor technology at work??
p.238  Seawrack see's the inhumi differently?  She can't hear him sometimes
at all??
Is this some sort of inhumi technology reference??

p.224 Krait's death scene.  Dissolves into a fetid liquid similar to the one
in the sewers that Horn opened.

Were there inhumi dead as well as human slave dead in that sewer?

Concerning Horn's change after the pit and the Neighbor touched his forehead
with something

p.228-9  Horn's perception has changed "to this day"  He sees the sea
differently.  Because of the neighbor's touch?
Now he can see through inhumi illusions?  He could see from other's
p.230  Is Seawrack really going back as she was or can Horn just see her
true nature now (coiled legs?)

And this section concerns "how did the inhumi destroy the Neighbors??"

p.262 inhumi fear Neighbors?  But I thought the inhumi destroyed the
Neighbors?  This implies it was NOT by taking their blood.  How else could
the inhumi destroy them?
p. 263  Neighbors kill inhumu

Krait seemed to have no desire to go and attempt to feed off the Neighbors.
So they obviously have some defense against inhumi.  Then I still wonder
what it means to be destroyed by them?  Did the Neighbors create the inhumi
and the inhumi wiped out their food source?


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