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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Scylla (wet) & Re:The passage quoted by Endymion9
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 20:10:22 

Robert Borski presented:
>because the Mother and Scylla are one and the same.

Robert.  Glad you enjoyed the quote.  I found it a particularly interesting
one also.

I agree for all the reasons you mentioned.  I do believe that The Mother
existed and Scylla has possessed her/overtaken her though.  Makes me wonder
if the Blue "gods" can resist the Whorl "gods" at all.  And I still want to
know where the Neighbors technology devices (mainframe?) are hidden.  Right
out in the open?  The altars?

OBW p.269 The neighbor says that The Mother is one of the goddesses names.
Is the neighbor referring to Scylla as another name.

Falcon contributed:
>The first thing I thought of when I read it was that Horn had been touched
by the Claw of the Conciliator.

Wow.  Interesting conjecture.  It's been so long since I last reread TBONS
what powers did the Claw give Severian.
I know raising the dead (Dorcas), but did it change his perspective the way
Horn has been affected?

I finally finished rereading OBW.  Here are my final questions thoughts on
this pass.

p.270  The neighbors did leave by choice, finding a better home.  They were
not all destroyed.
I thought someone conjectured that they might have all been wiped out by the

"Some of you call the place where we are now the Neighbor Whorl."
Who knows of this whorl??  Who are the some of you??

p.271  Nearly all the neighbors have left, but not all.
I had wondered if all neighbors were astral.  Seems not.

p.272  "You did not give us your own name, you who have been every being of
your kind."  <Is this just a reference to Horn's representing all humans on

p.276  Krait's overdeveloped sense of humor.  The neighbors are notorious
for theirs.  Was Krait feeding on a Neighbor right before he displayed this
sense of humor that aggravated Horn?

p.282  "And now good night, Nettle my own darling.  My night thoughts cycle
your bed, glowing but invisible, to observe and to protect you."  Is this
just sweet thoughts or does Horn make astral journeys when Nettle is asleep
and won't observe him observing her?

p308 Why did Krait want Seawrack on the lander?

p.316 Locking (what) around inhuma's neck (Jahlee) imprisons her? White Gold
the seawrack's ring?

p.330 If Sinew showed up Horn would have his guards behead him but could
not watch.

If Seawrack not around he would have shot him. (This is before Green

P.331 Sinew claims to have used the needler a lot before he lost it. We
have only his word for that and the fact that Horn gave it to him thinking
he could use it.

p.333 Seawrack. "You don't look very much like your father." Seawrack
always lies? Or playing up to Sinew. Sinew liked the comment.

p.334 Sinew won't tell Horn what the other stuff he traded the boat for.
"It doesn't matter. It's gone now."

Any conjectures as to what it was??

p.335 Sinew "I knew you didn't want me as soon as I saw you. Only I didn't
think you'd give her (Seawrack) up to get rid of me."
Did Horn really want to save Sinew (and Seawrack) or dump them?

p.336 Seawrack speaks like a minor god??

p.337 Sinew "He doesn't think I'm anybody either." "Yes he does!" "You
got it exactly backwards. No wonder you're his son."
"It's the other part he doesn't like, the thingness. You try to be less of
a person and more of a thing, because you think that's what he wants, but
it's really the other way."

Sinew tries to act on more of his thingness (inhumi-ness??). He thinks Horn
wants this? Typical generation gap? That's why Horn hates him, it reminds
him he has inhumi-ness in him?? Is that why Horn says the best part of his
life ended at the pit, because Horn is now partly what he hates?
Inhumi-ness after the Neighbor's touch?

p.341 Sinew called softly, "Mucor? Mucor?" I had never realized until
then how much his voice resembled Krait's. (Perhaps I should have written,
how very near Krait's it came in certain moods)."

When Sinew was acting on his "thingness"?

Seawrack touched my knee and whispered, "He sounds just like you."

p.344 Krait who loved me and wanted so desperately for me to love him, can
never have imagined that he was dooming me.
(By telling the secret). Krait longs for this because of what he took from

p.360 Horn can't tell for sure if the one he argues with is inhumi or not.
The Neighbor sight (Claw's effect?) has definitely left him.

p. 364 Horn was headed for home with Evensong to Nettle. What detoured
him??  I know when I reread IGJ next, it will probably be something obvious
I have forgotten already.

p.373 "Father...?Horn...?"
I sat up, thinking in a confused way that Sinew had become Krait, or Krait
p.374 three slaves operated the lander for the inhumi
the inhumi had needlers. (So inhumi can use needlers, just not slug guns).

p.379 Horn dreams of Olivine. She tells him this is where you lived with
Hyacinth. Hyacinth was 14 or 15 and was terribly ill and would die soon.
For a long time all I could think was that Hyacinth was dead.

The Hyacinth Silk met was much older than 14 or 15?? Was she a chem
reproduction of the dead Hy or a clone?
I think someone earlier speculated this.

There are several references in the last 40 pages or so of Horn forgiving
Sinew and longing to see him again.  Of his love for Sinew breaking through.
That was nice to see after so much hatred most of the book.


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