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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Rereading IGJ and of course having more questions
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 17:55:57 

p.37  When Fava asks Incanto to play the game he says not if it involved
certain physical activities.  Fava responds "Oh, I can't run."

p.45 Mora's Story (The GIant's Daughter).  Mora says one girl was good at
running and jumping (Mora?).  One girl was good at math and composition

Question:  How can an inhuma be good at composition, writing with a delicate
tool?  I've seen examples of inhumi absorbing personalities, does this mean
they can absorb abilities (composition in the common tongue) also?

p.59  Scylla talks through Oreb saying "Help me!"  Who later says "Watch
out!"  Oreb?  Another rider.  My question is how much personality is truly
Oreb's?  Is it only when he says things like "Fish heads?"  since that
obviously isn't a rider.  Rider's aren't concerned about the body's natural
needs re:Chenille's sunburn.  Also "No Cut" is obviously Oreb's thoughts.
But can Oreb think to the level of "watch out?" on his own?

p,60  Incanto says inhumi do not like to use tools or use them skillfully.
Once again how can Fava write then?

p.63 "What did you want with your brother?" the man of the Vanished People
asked him.  And he said that he had hoped to bury the corpse and pray for
the dead man's spirit.  "So I feared..."

Why did the Neighbor fear that Horn would try to do this??


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