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From: Michael Purdy <mcp@jhu.edu>
Subject: RE:  (whorl) Amazon has RTW cover up
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:24:55 

	I just popped over to the one photo of Wolfe online that sprung to mind 
(it's on Paul Duggan's Wolfe page), and darned if you ain't right.  That 
giant DOES look a lot like Wolfe.
	Although I love just about everything Wolfe writes, the prospect of a 
metafictional intrusion into/resolution of the Whorl storyline provokes 
pangs of dread.  I'm hoping this was more of a tip of the hat to Wolfe on 
the artist's part.
	Can anyone make anything out of that funky headgear on the giant?

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