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From: james.kellar@quantel.com
Subject: (whorl) RTTW: so far
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:57:04 +0000

hello all

I've hardly contributed to this list at all so far, but I've been reading the archives with great
interest. And now - I'm finally in the position of being able to read the latest book (RTTW) at the
same time as everybody else!

I started RTTW last night, and I'd be very interested in the first impressions of others.

(warning of possible spoilers - although I haven't got very yet so I don't think I'll be giving much

I'm finding the writing style of this third book to be a little more accessible, for want of a
better word,  than the first 2 Short Sun volumes. The description of what's happened to the Whorl
during Horn's absence is fascinating - it's like returning to an old friend, in a way, albeit
dystopian and horrifying. I've been too lazy to work this out, but let's see - Hyacinth's body is
middle-aged, I think, so we must be something like 20 or 30 years after the events recounted in
TBOTLS? Things seem to have gone quite badly wrong for the unfortunate Cargo, what with the 'gods'
switching the Long Sun off, and so on. And what on earth is the godling?? No doubt this will be
explained later. I'm finding it interesting to see the gaps in the narrative filled in as seen from
the POV of OBW and IGJ - for example, we finally get to meet Pig!

Apologies if this stream of consciousness seems obvious - I'm very interested in what the rest of
you think, though.

best regards

James (is anyone called Gerbil yet?)

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