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From: dd@adobe.com (David DiGiacomo)
Subject: Re:  (whorl) A Bite of Night Chough, er, Crow (with spoilers du jour)
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:18:00 

On the matter of Silk's wounds:

>From: dlebling@shore.net (Dave Lebling)
>1) He did it himself.
>In favor: Occam's Razor.
>Against: clumsy suicide attempt for a guy who was a "butcher."

I think that he cut himself because he wanted blood for Hyacinth's final
sacrifice.  He wouldn't have wanted to die until he had completed it.

>3) Candidates for an attack.
>a) Pig.
>For: farmer's comment about fighting off a small godling. Pig is clearly
>Against: Pig has changed his ways since being possessed (but maybe not

Against:  Pig is armed with a large sword, which would tend to make one
large wound, as opposed to many small ones.  I suppose Pig could have
taken the sword from Silk after attacking him with the knife - but I
thought it was intended to be Silk's old sacrificial knife.

>c) actual godling
>For: there's one in the vicinity.
>Against: he shows no interest in hurting Silk later on.

Against: Silk would have been squashed, not cut.

>Then a few pages later the farmer tries to drive Silk off with his stick. Is
>he afraid of Silk because the farmer knew of an attack on the manse and
>thinks Silk knows he was complicit in it, if only by silence? He denies even
>knowing Silk lived in the neighborhood, and casually mentions that he has a
>slug gun.

Perhaps Silk went on a rampage through the manse and grounds after
Hyacinth's death, frightening the farmers.

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