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From: Spectacled Bear <spectacled.bear@pobox.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n047
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 18:37:15 +0000

At 12:13 2001-02-14 EST, BMeyer7 wrote:
>In a message dated 01-02-13 17:10:53 EST, you write:
><< Woo-hoo! I finally found the passage I was looking for in IGJ.
> What seems to have thrown many of us off in RTTW is that only Horn/Silk's
> arm injuries are mentioned when the farmer's wife attempts to clean him up,
> whereas this is how Horn describes the situation upon waking up after
> transfusion into Silk:
> "[I] found myself upon my knees besides the open coffin of a middle-aged
> woman. My hands and arms and face and neck were all bleeding, and an old,
> worn knife covered with blood was by my hand. There was no one else in the
> poor little house in which I knelt, and almost nothing in it that was not
> torn or broken." (p. 127)


> Did Silk kill Hyacinth!?  I know 
>it's painful to think of our beloved Silk, but it certainly seems to merit 
>discussion as at least a strong possibility.

So he's been to the undertaker in the nearest town, bought the coffin
and he or they have put her into it, and his hands and arms and face
are still bleeding? I don't think so. He's still holding the knife!

My personal theory is that he wasn't trying to kill himself, either,
but did all the damage in a frenzy of grief. Rending his garments
and all that sort of thing.

Spectacled Bear.

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